ZAMUS. Centre for Early Music in Cologne

ZAMUS is located in one of the most important industrial historical monuments in the city of Cologne, formerly the factory of the „Helios AG für elektrisches Licht und Telegraphanlagenbau“ (Helios Corporation for Electric Light and Telegraph Construction). This company, founded in 1882, laid the groundwork for providing the city of Cologne with electricity. But although their pioneering work in the field of electrical technology at first brought them astronomical profits and renown throughout Europe, the factories were soon to fall into an existential crisis. Already in 1905 the Helioswerke were taken over by the Berliner Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft (AEG), and soon thereafter the factories were used for automobile production. However this business also collapsed, which led to the marketing of the facilites, now called „Rheinlandhallen“, as a venue for the cycling event „Sieben-Tage-Rennen“ (Seven-Day-Race) as of 1928. Today the core area of this complex of buildings is listed and protected as a historical monument, and to this day a light-house which, without having an actual guiding function, was built by the Helioswerke for testing and advertising purposes, stands as a reminder of the company‘s roots as a pioneer in the development and expansion of electricity.