The large rehearsal room (200m2) provides enough space for a group of up to 50 players, and so is ideal for an orchestra or choir.
Furnishings: 50 upholstered chairs, conductor's chair, 2 stools, 4 tables, 25 music stands, 10 risers (2mx1m) 20cm or 40cm high, coat racks, table football and table tennis tables.

A small rehearsal room (45m2) provides enough space for up to 15 people and is ideal for chamber orchestras or other chamber music formations. In addition, a dressing room and a fully equipped kitchen are available.

An Italian harpsichord modelled on original 17th-century Florentine instruments, "false inner-outer", two 8ft manuals, range from C-d''', transposing keyboard from 415Hz to 440Hz, built by Detmar Hungerberg.

A German harpsichord after Christian Zell, 1741, one manual, 8ft, 4ft, 8ft, range GG, AA-d''', built by Volker Platte.

An original piano by Julius Blüthner, Leipzig 1856.

For rental conditions and availability please contact Michael Rathmann, michael.rathmann@zamus.de