Cologne Early Music Society

Many people - musicians, but also fans and lovers of Early Music - have joined together to form an association designed to support ZAMUS and all of its activities: The Kölner Gesellschaft für Alte Musik e.V. (Cologne Early Music Society). Becoming a member is a way for you to support the interests of Early Music in Cologne. By making a minimum contribution of 50.00 Euro per year you can become a sponsoring member, and are then free to attend member meetings of the society where important topics are discussed and decisions are made. Here you can meet and get to know the artists and other members, and engage in dialogue on the subject of Early Music. Furthermore, members have the benefit of price reductions and special offers at selected Cologne Early Music Society events.
The Society looks forward to welcoming new members!

Please send your membership application per eMail to

or by post to:

Heliosstraße 15
50825 Köln