Ehrenfelder Salon

 A Sunday afternoon in Köln-Ehrenfeld. All preparations have been made, the instruments are tuned, small change is being counted, and chairs are being rearranged one last time.
The Ehrenfelder Salon can now begin. By definition, a salon is a room in which a host not only receives and greets his guests but also, depending on the occasion, delights them with conversation and entertainments. It is a room for philosophising and music-making, for laughter and sometimes even for dancing.

And this is exactly what should take place in ZAMUS. The presenters invite their guests into their very own salon, the large rehearsal room, and encourage them to indulge their sense of curiosity by taking a closer look at what ZAMUS is all about: Early Music. That Early Music is anything but an old, musty art form reserved for specialists is reflected not only in the program titles, but also in the format and content of the Salonkonzerte. When a group like the Citoller Tanzgeiger invite their audience to get up and dance, a bridge is built between classical music and folk - inner horizons are broadened, and fears are overcome. Our guests can always count on finding sense and sensibility, with a cup of coffee, a bit of fun and first-rate music. An informal interaction with the artists in a rather unconventional ambient is guaranteed. Instrument cases, music stands, and a folded-up table tennis set stand witness to the lives of the many musicians who have made this rehearsal room their home away from home. Anyone expecting a conventional concert experience will will most likely be disappointed with the Ehrenfelder Salon. On the other hand, anyone who loves music and is willing and eager to try something new has come to the right place, and will find a warm welcome.